I Play and endorse these fine products

Grover Pro Percussion

Regal Tip Sticks & Brushes

Drum Set

Grover Custom Mahogany Black Burst

Chrome Classic Tube Lugs

Double-45 edges all around

Chrome Flanged Hoops

Suspended Tom Mount with Bracket

Black Bass Drum Hoops

Single Post Tom Mount on Bass

5.5x14 G3 Deluxe Concert Snare Drum

14x20 Bass Drum

8x12 Rack Tom

14x14 Floor Tom with Legs

Cymbal Set Up

Brilliant Series

20" Custom Ride

18" Custom Ride

16" Custom Crash

14" Custom Hi Hats

Sticks & Brushes

9A Maple Wood Tip Sticks

.580" x 16" { 209RM }

Classic Retractable Brushes

.530" x 13.5" { 583R }